code : DM20036

Sizes : 35 - 48

Safety trainer from the DIAMONT range, flexible and lightweight, suitable for all working environments.

The most

  • Flexible and lightweight for everyday use
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Upper : Perforated flexible velour

Lining : Three-layer material lining with micro-duct grill to wrap around the foot and guarantee breathability and that moisture can pass through to the outside

Toe cap : Alu-Lite 200 J non-magnetic lightweight aluminium. While ensuring the same resistance, it is 51% lighter than a steel toe cap

SOFT+GEL insole made from :

  • A SOFT receptive layer made from heat-sensitive, shape-memory BASF® Dynamic polyurethane that works across the entire surface of the foot. Placed directly under the sole of the feet, SOFT improves weight distribution while cushioning pressure points and allowing positive energy return
  • A GEL dual-area insert with high cushioning capacity for the heel and anatomical extension under the midfoot. Its design helps better absorb impact on the heel while ensuring optimum foot arch support
  • An innovative seamless “multi-point” system on the insole which helps dissipate static electricity, guaranteeing no risk of harmful electrostatic discharges for electronic and IT equipment

Anti-puncture insert : 100% composite, insulating and does not conduct heat or cold

Sole : BASF® low-density PU/PU. Its innovative formula offers lightness while guaranteeing comfort and resistance to wear and tear