code : 007AX13

Sizes : 36 - 47

All models in the DOMINUS collection are completely “METAL-FREE”; they are made with metal-free materials in the upper, sole, toe cap, but also in the seams and accessories (laces, labels, buckles, etc).

These safety shoes are particularly suitable for anyone who works in places with metal detectors, such as airports, banks, government offices, post offices, museums, boarding areas or customs offices.

The most

  • Suitable for places with metal detectors
  • Very good value for money
  • Lightweight for optimum comfort all day long
DominusTradesmen - Fittings and finishings - Light Industry / Indoor Work - Logistics & TransportS3Low-top safety shoes100% metal-free

Upper : Water-repellent grained leather

Lining : Three-layer material lining with micro-duct grill to wrap around the foot and guarantee breathability and that moisture can pass through to the outside

Toe cap : Composite material 200 J toe cap, undetectable when passing through metal detectors, extremely lightweight while ensuring good thermal insulation

Insole : Anatomical and anti-static sole that guarantees sturdy and comfortable support for the sole of the foot. Antibacterial and antifungal

Anti-puncture insert : 100% composite, insulating and does not conduct heat or cold

Sole : W-Tech ‘Wrapping Technology’ is an innovative manufacturing concept applied to the Dominus PU/PU sole. The flexible PU midsole provides a cushioning effect in every situation and reinforces the rear part of the shoe for optimum stability, while the area of the toe cap most exposed to impact and abrasion is protected