code : IAIA218

Sizes : 35 - 48

The models in the VIGOREX collection are equipped with an anti-fatigue insert from the world of running. This technology allows the wearer to save 1 hour of energy per day thanks to the energy restitution it provides (+55%).

This model is particularly suitable for workers in the industrial, logistics and transport sectors, as well as for craftsmen and construction workers who travel long distances on a daily basis.

The most

  • Perfect for reducing the feeling of fatigue in people who are always walking around
  • Outstanding energy return while walking to keep you on your toes
  • Provides an unbeatable feeling of comfort thanks to its cushioned sole
  • Reduces the risk of musculoskeletal disorders in the legs
VigorexTradesmen - Fittings and finishings - Light Industry / Indoor Work - Logistics & TransportESD - S1PLow-top safety trainersEnergy return

Upper : Velour leather and anti-abrasion breathable fabric

Lining : Antibacterial, innovative and high-tech 3D mesh, combining high breathability performance and abrasion resistance with a flexible, comfortable touch. Its special 3-layer structure encourages thermoregulation to keep feet dry in complete comfort

Toe cap : 200 J non-magnetic lightweight aluminium. While ensuring the same resistance, it is 51% lighter than a steel toe cap

SOFT insole : Made from BASF® Elastopan memory foam which moulds to the shape of the foot thanks to its heat-sensitive viscoelastic properties, improving weight distribution and cushioning pressure points that could cause discomfort. Its ergonomic shape also helps improve support for the foot arch and shock absorption

Anti-puncture insert : 100% composite, insulating and does not conduct heat or cold

Sole : BASF® PU2D/E-TPU, a triple-density sole which offers dynamic performance in 3 phases: shock absorption, energy storage and dynamic return. It is intended for anyone who has to move around a lot or travel long distances every day