code : 007GR04

Sizes : 35 - 47

GRIPPER WHITE is a collection designed to meet the hygiene, cleanliness and safety requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries. GRIPPER WHITE offers excellent slip resistance with comfort and lightness.

The most

  • Perfect in the agri-food and pharmaceutical sectors
  • Easy maintenance thanks to its microfibre upper
  • Very good non-slip grip
  • Suitable for places with metal detectors
Gripper WhiteAgri-Food IndustryS2Low-top safety shoes100% metal-free - Hygiene & Non-slip

Upper : Hypoallergenic and breathable microfibre, having undergone a special stain-resistant treatment and washfast

Lining : Three-layer material lining with micro-duct grill to wrap around the foot and guarantee breathability and that moisture can pass through to the outside

Toe cap : Composite material 200 J toe cap, undetectable when passing through metal detectors, extremely lightweight while ensuring good thermal insulation

Insole : Anatomical and anti-static sole that guarantees sturdy and comfortable support for the sole of the foot. Antibacterial and antifungal

Sole : Gripper White sole made from anti-static, highly non-slip double-density polyurethane that can withstand oils and hydrocarbons, with cross grooves to help get rid of fluids