code : 007NT16

Sizes : 35 - 47

The DIAMONT range is flexible and lightweight and suitable for all working environments.

The most

  • Suitable for places of work with metal detectors
  • Flexible and lightweight for everyday use
DiamontTradesmen - Fittings and finishings - Light Industry / Indoor Work - Logistics & TransportS3Low-top safety trainers100% metal-free - Multipurpose & Effectiveness

Upper : Water-repellent full-grain leather

Lining : Three-layer material lining with micro-duct grill to wrap around the foot and guarantee breathability and that moisture can pass through to the outside

Toe cap : Composite material 200 J toe cap, undetectable when passing through metal detectors, extremely lightweight while ensuring good thermal insulation

SOFT insole : Made from BASF® Elastopan memory foam which moulds to the shape of the foot thanks to its heat-sensitive viscoelastic properties, improving weight distribution and cushioning pressure points that could cause discomfort. Its ergonomic shape also helps improve support for the foot arch and shock absorption

Anti-puncture insert : 100% composite, insulating and does not conduct heat or cold

Sole : BASF® low-density PU/PU. Its innovative formula offers lightness while guaranteeing comfort and resistance to wear and tear