code : ARAR809

Sizes : 38 - 48

The RETURN collection is equipped with a sole that guarantees a constant return of energy (+40%) over the entire foot surface, both in the support phase and when pushing off. Its particularly soft and supple composition provides lightness, well-being and total comfort, thus reducing the feeling of fatigue during walking and sustained activity.

This model can be worn both at work and in everyday life, combining looks and safety!

It is particularly suitable for workers in industry, logistics, transport and for craftsmen or construction workers who cover a lot of distance on a daily basis.

The most

  • Suitable for all working situations thanks to its flexibility and lightness
  • Guarantees excellent comfort all day long thanks to the constant energy return when the foot is pushing and requires support
  • A look for work and everyday life
ReturnTradesmen - Fittings and finishings - Light Industry / Indoor Work - Logistics & TransportESD - S3High-top safety trainersLooks & Safety


Lining : Antibacterial, innovative and high-tech 3D mesh, combining high breathability performance and abrasion resistance with a flexible, comfortable touch. Its special 3-layer structure encourages thermoregulation to keep feet dry in complete comfort

Toe cap : Alu-Lite 200 J non-magnetic lightweight aluminium. While ensuring the same resistance, it is 51% lighter than a steel toe cap

SOFT insole : Made from BASF® Elastopan memory foam which moulds to the shape of the foot thanks to its heat-sensitive viscoelastic properties, improving weight distribution and cushioning pressure points that could cause discomfort. Its ergonomic shape also helps improve support for the foot arch and shock absorption

Anti-puncture insert : 100% composite, insulating and does not conduct heat or cold

Sole : BASF® High Rebound PU/PU which guarantees a constant energy return of over 40% across the entire surface of the foot, during the support and pushing phase. Its particularly flexible and soft composition offers lightness, well-being and complete comfort, therefore reducing the feeling of fatigue during walking and continuous activity